New Tredegar and World War One
New Tredegar memorial

New Tredegar (James St) War Memorial

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A whole new page has been added (21/12/14) to list the men from New Tredegar area who received military honours and a further page dedicated to New Tredegar Tunnellers

New Tredegar Memorial
New Tredegar Memorial
Unveiling the memorial

Photos kindly provided by Paul Vaughan

New Tredegar War Memorial depicts two soldiers, one man standing over his wounded comrade. Etched into the front of the marble pedestal are the words:

Lest We Forget - Erected by Public subscription to the glorious and imperishable memory of the men of New Tredegar and District who, by their courage and devotion, helped to save Europe and civilisation. August 1914 - November 1918.
Yours the glorious price to pay, Ours to record with grateful pride that freedom lives on earth today because you died.

Also inscribed, in both Welsh and English are the words:

Their name liveth evermore - Eu henw a bery byth.

The War Memorial was first unveiled in November 1923 by Viscount Tredegar. The officiating minister was Reverend Richards of the English Congregational Church. The band of The Welsh Regiment played at the ceremony.

The names honoured are listed on three plaques affixed to the left, rear and right sides of the main pillar. They are not ALL alphabetically correct, since the names A Causun, WC Andrews, F Richards, W Stenson and G Williams have been added to the initial list of names later and, as with many War memorials, the names or initials can be incorrect.

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Where medals are shown on a soldier’s page, they are not the actual medals awarded to the soldier, unless stated as such, but they are genuine medals awarded.

The three name plaques are shown below. (Click each panel for a larger image)

tn_New Tredegar plaques A-H tn_New Tredegar plaques J-M tn_New Tredegar plaques M-W

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