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Are you able to contribute with information about anyone in this site, or provide information about someone that should be included, but has been missed, or do you just want to contact the me? Then, please read on.

I would like to include more information about each of the individuals in this web-site. If you have information relating to any of these men and wish to have the information included into the site, I would like to hear from you. As can be seen, some of the entries contain no more than basic detail, while others, I have yet to identify. I need information regarding these men, but I would also be interested in any general information about them, their families (then or/and now), occupations, dates of birth etc.

I would also like to include photographs of these men into this web-site. If you have any such photographs or images that you would be willing to display, whether in or out of uniform, I would be most grateful.

(No photographs provided will be retained by me. I will copy them, digitize them and where I can, enhance them before publishing. All originals will be returned to remain your precious memories of them. Any material can also be sent by you, via E-mail.)

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Rydw i yn siaradwr Cymraeg. Fel datblygwr y we-fan yma, gallwch anfon unrhyw gwybodaeth a chyfathrebiad trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg gyda phleser.


I have tried to ensure that all the entries in each page are correct. There may be inaccuracies within. If you have identified any such inaccuracies or there is information that you, with due reason, wish to be removed from the site, then please E-mail me with full details.

N.B. No details will be removed unless the reasons are genuine or there are exceptional circumstances.


This site first went live on 4th December 2013 and was last updated on -

23rd June, 2018

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