Soldier Photos and New Articles

News articles have been taken from records of the South Wales Echo and Western Mail

Read the story of this New Tredegar man escaping German captivity.

Francis Ahearn

Francis Ahearn.

Peter Wilkins

Ernest James ‘Peter’ Wilkins.

Francis Robert Elms,
M.M. and Bar

tn_Welsh dragon at Mametz - night

I’m sure the Welsh dragon overlooking Mametz Wood looks after those Welshmen that fell there.

tn_Knight_EJ - article
tn_Parfitt_HT - article tn_Plumer_F - article tn_Martin_EWS article
tn_Lancaster_WG - article
tn_New Tredegar Miners
tn_Price_D_DCM - article
tn_Simmonds_Samuel - article
tn_Shortman_John - article
tn_Price_John - article
tn_Kirkham_Edward - article
tn_Ware_R - article
tn_Stevens_Tom - article
tn_Trigg_WC - Gallant
tn_Moore_John- article
tn_Gardiner_John - article
tn_Davies_Thomas - article
G H Duggan
Dan Mahoney
Eli Richards
Harold Harris MM
Robson brothers
Cpl Isaac Evans
DJ Price wounded
Pte Ivor Davies

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